"Predatory" look, intransigence, striving forward and impressive external power, these are the characteristics of the new BYD Tang EV 2022.

The main features of the electric crossover, which distinguish it from other electric cousins, are the original "soaring" roof, LED optics and large 22-inch wheels.

Designers have done a decent job and added maximum solidity, brutality and style to the appearance of BYD Tang EV.

Technical data of the crossover
Due to the elongated shape of the body visually BYD Tang looks much larger than similar electric cars. At the same time, there is enough space in the cabin to accommodate a large family (6-7 seats).

What is in the "base":
- Length - 4870 mm.
- Width - 1950 mm.
- Height - 1725 mm.
- The boot is electric, with a volume of 940-1655 litres.

By the design of the body it is a 5-door SUV, with a wheelbase of 2820 mm with a range on pure electricity up to 730 km. Acceleration time from start to 100 km is only 4.4 seconds, 6 and 7-seat versions of the crossover are available for sale, equipped with all-wheel drive, "Iskin" (AI) active suspension with electric control Disus-C and driver assistance system DiPilot and DiLink4.0 (5G).
The combined power of the electric motors totals 517bhp with 680Nm of torque (peak). And together with the original technology of the powertrain actually turns BYD Tang EV into the most dynamic car in its segment.

When accelerating and travelling, the electric car is virtually silent and even at high speed the driver will not notice any changes in engine operation, the interior will also be silent and comfortable.

BYD Tang 2022 electric car can be recharged quickly (8-10 mi.) if necessary and increase the range by 140 kilometres. Given the small number of movements (15-20 kilometres per day), a 10-minute charge will be enough for a week of use.
Racecar-level chassis
The BYD Tang stands on a fully independent aluminium front and rear suspension that has negligible (for a car) weight, quick response and good performance. It is through well thought out chassis design that the manufacturers have managed to maintain excellent ride balance, speed, stability, comfort, safety and smoothness.

The TANG has Bosch IPB and high-performance Brembo calipers as standard, and it is these that ensure smooth braking and a 36 metre braking distance from 100 km/h to 0 km/h.

Complete relaxation and real-time ride enjoyment is achieved through electric all-wheel drive and gentle shifting between rear-wheel drive (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD).
The TANG is equipped with the latest driver assistance equipment, including 25 advanced safety features such as a 360-degree HD surround view camera, 11 exterior radars and ADAS.

Off-road, the electric car's power and good ground clearance of 180mm provides excellent off-road capability, while Snow mode can be used in more challenging terrain.
The newly refreshed Tang EV has a long-awaited upgrade - six seats. Early versions of the electric car were sold as a 7-seater, now the second row has two captain's chairs with useful stuffing - heating, massage, ventilation.

The system of all-round vision provides a high-quality picture, review of what is happening around the car. The panoramic hatch can be opened, which gives even more fullness of view and, if necessary, access to fresh air. There are no complaints to the three-zone climate control, the air flow is powerful, cooling of the interior is fast. Even in Eco mode, the power figures remain virtually unchanged.

Both versions are adorned with a centre console with a 15.6-inch rotating flat screen. Exclusive to the updated Tang EV 2022 is the DiLink 4.0 smart network with 5G connectivity, good sound and the DiPilot autonomous driving system.
Interior comfort
The display with good resolution allows you to see clearly all the data of the navigator, by pressing just one button the display takes the position of the tablet. The structure of the screen is pleasant and its protection prevents the characteristic fingerprint marks.

Help in driving the electric car provide front and rear parking radar, video review - 360 degree panorama. Also there is a full-speed adaptive cruise together with a triple switching of speed modes (sport, snow, economy).

In general, designers can give a solid "five" for the interior design. High-quality finishing materials (leather, alcantara, decorative stakes with royal lacquer coating), convenient in service and pleasant in use, compact sports steering wheel and multi-point illumination.

Second-row passengers can be comfortably accommodated, with plenty of legroom or cabin width, a handy armrest and a display for climate control. Seat position and backrest tilt can be adjusted as desired.

In fact, BYD Tang 2022 has a three-row saloon, the rear row is also equipped with comfortable seats. It is possible that for passengers with high growth the low landing of the third row will cause some discomfort, but it can be easily corrected by putting children or teenagers "on the gallery".
Under the raised floor there are places not only for repair equipment, but also connectors for chargers.

All who decide to buy BYD Tang EV 2022 will become the owners of a bright, dynamic, manoeuvrable and spacious electric SUV with a good level of equipment and excellent interior trim. It is a premium electric vehicle that stands out on the road and has an excellent level of safety and comfort. This is certainly an electric car option worthy of consideration.
> 41 500 $