Reliable, roomy, comfortable, eco-friendly and attractive - that's all about it, the "brainchild" of Xpeng Motors, which can already be bought or ordered in Russia. The company got its start in 2014 after the merger of investments from IDG Capital and Xiaomi.

What can we say about xpeng?

XPeng Inc. or XPeng Motors ("Xiaopeng") is a Chinese company headquartered in Guangzhou, known for producing "smart" cars, including unmanned cars. It has its own network of charging stations, provides services and car hire.

It is engaged in the development of autonomous driving systems (software, voice assistant, lidar) that significantly improve driving conditions for the driver, allowing him to enjoy the journey with minimal concentration on the devices.

Lidar systems visualise the surrounding space with the help of a laser, radar is a speed meter, shows the location of the electric car in space, fixes surrounding objects. The tandem is completed by a camera, which acts as a system of primary processing of general information.

XPeng Motors battery packs are equipped with lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) batteries and can already be purchased in our STORE.
The lineup from Xpeng:

 XPeng G3 crossover (2018)
 XPeng P7[en] compact executive sedan (2020)
 XPeng P5 subcompact executive sedan (2021)
 SUV XPeng G9 (2022)Otherwise, the crossover does not differ from its petrol counterparts, there are even decorative inserts resembling falshpatrubki exhaust system.

The interior of the E-HS9 can hardly be called graceful, rather it is monumental, solid, and the devices in it are like in a large electronics shop.

In October 2022, a demonstration flight of XPeng X2, the brainchild of XPeng, a subsidiary of XPeng, the largest manufacturer of flying cars, was made in Dubai.

X2 is a two-seat car flying at low altitudes, with its help it is possible to bypass traffic jams in megacities, cross terrain where it is impossible to pass a standard car.

The company plans to use XPeng X2 for excursions and medical purposes.
A new product that has conquered the world
Xpeng p7 electric vehicle

This is a modern sedan manufactured in 2022. Externally, it stands out favourably due to the merged design of headlights on the front of the car, which visually expands its dimensions. High-beam and low-beam headlights are located slightly lower. The roof is a classic design, the doors have retractable handles, such a solution significantly reduces wind resistance.

On the boot in its upper part there is a protrusion, and darkened taillights repeat the design of the front ones, as well as the shape of the bumper.

- Length - 4880 mm.
- Width - 1897 mm.
- Height - 1450 mm.
- Wheelbase - 2998 mm.
Xpeng P7 equipment

All-wheel drive versions of the electric sedan are equipped with a battery with a capacity of 80.9 kWh, a maximum output of 316 kW, a maximum KM - 655 Nm, with acceleration to a hundred in 4.3 sec.

The rear-wheel drive sedan is fitted with a 60.2 kWh battery with a range of 480 kilometres, a 70.8 kWh battery that can cover 586 kilometres on a single charge, or an 83.1 kWh battery that can cover 670 kilometres. Electric motor with a power of 196 kWh and KM 390 Nm overcomes the "hundredth" in 6.7 sec.

Xpeng P7 interior

The colour scheme of the interior of the electric sedan is presented in three variations: grey, beige-grey and grey with red seat upholstery. More number of parallels favourably emphasizes internal design, calms and will please the most picky perfectionist. The layout of the interior is simple but fashionable, there is a flat 14.9-inch screen in the centre, closer to the driver there is a 10.25-inch sensor on which the most necessary information is displayed.

More than a hundred APP apps are provided, updated via OTA. The functions of the interactive system respond to voice control, which is very convenient when travelling at high speed. Transmissions are switched by means of a "paddle" located behind the steering wheel.

The seats are comfortable, covered with leather with perforation, there are also functions of inbuilt heating, seat adjustment. Xpeng P7 has an excellent panoramic roof with an excellent view of 1.75 m2, the glass is sprayed with a specific coating, thanks to which the level of penetration of ultraviolet rays is not more than 1%.
The junior model of the Xpeng P5 electric sedan

The new "five" is slightly more compact than the "seven", its dimensions:

- Length - 4808 mm.
- Width - 1840 mm.
- Wheelbase - 2768 mm.
- Wheels are 17 or 18 inches in diameter.

The platform of Xpeng P5 is unified with the crossover "triple" (G3), there is a front drive, rear suspension is independent.

The body is simple, it is unlikely to cause enthusiastic "ah" when looking at an electric car, but for lovers of classics and opponents of extreme changes Xpeng P5 model will be the best. Instead of a glass roof, there is a compact window with a sliding "curtain".
Xpeng G9 concept car

The size and format of the electric crossover "nine" almost repeats the Lexus RX or Mercedes-Benz GLE. Dimensions:

- Length - 4891 mm.
- Height - 1680 mm.
- Wheelbase - 2998 mm.
- Coefficient of aerodynamic resistance Cd - 0.272.

"Chinese parketnik", so affectionately called XPeng G9, has attractive proportions with a shifted backwards cabin, frameless windows and retractable handles on the doors. The chassis is serious with double wishbones at the front and multi-lever at the rear. In the "base" there is an adjustable air suspension with dual-chamber air cylinders. Level 3 autopilot, equipped with two Nvidia Orin processors with a total performance of 508 tops (trillion operations per second). The powertrain is 3rd generation (XPower) with an operating voltage of 800 volts.
"Base" rear-wheel drive XPeng G9 is equipped with an electric motor with 313 hp and KM 430 Nm. The all-wheel drive variant has an additional 238 hp electric motor, with the system's peak output reaching 551 hp and 717 Nm. Both versions have a traction battery with a capacity of 98 kWh, according to the passport (on the CLTC cycle) kilometrage without recharging 702 km (rear-wheel drive), and 650 km (front-wheel drive). The XPeng G9 has a maximum acceleration of 200 km/h. The DC charger is capable of replenishing the charge in five minutes for a 200 kilometre run.

The interior is 5-seater with rich trim, four of the seats are equipped with heating and vibromassager. The driver's and front passenger's seats have electric adjustment, ventilation and an additional footrest (passenger). The rear sofa has electric tilt adjustment and backrest folding.

A compact instrument screen is located on the dashboard plus two 15-inch media systems in a single housing. There's advanced voice control, almost no control buttons, but there are ample places to wirelessly charge gadgets. Among the options announced is a Dynaudio audio system that has 28 speakers and 2,250 watts of power.
premium crossover xpeng g3

The test variant of the Xpeng G3 is equipped with the necessary systems for safety and comfort such as lane keeping, cruise control, auto-reversing, auto-parking, climate control, etc. The crossover features an all-glass roof that seamlessly transitions into the windscreen.

On the front axle there is a 197-horsepower electric motor powered by a 66 kWh battery. Power reserve (according to the passport) 520 km, in real operation slightly lower to 460 km in summer and 340 km in winter.

G3 has no traditional radiator grille, but there is a small air intake in the lower part of the bumper. There is also a radar that tracks the distance to the car ahead. The appearance is a little unusual for a crossover, designers were rather inspired by some amphibian to create Xpeng G3, the "stern" is standard for the "Chinese" and it will not stand out in the flow of cars.
Against the background of the general appearance the interior is impressive, it is the brightest "spot" in the whole appearance of the crossover. The dashboard in the style of the older Model S and X. A large multimedia screen, a minimum of buttons and levers.

The rear space is spacious, the passengers of the second row will not have to prop their heads on the ceiling and shrink. There are also USB-outputs and a separate air duct on the "galley".

The engine in the single version is located at the front, the boot at the back is average, but it is possible to increase the space due to folded rear seats.

This is not a bad option for busy metropolitan roads, the car is dynamic, accelerates well and gives out the first hundred kilometres in 8.5 sec. The front-wheel drive Xpeng G3 has a good running gear, which will be able to withstand bumps on the roads and lying policemen, but is not adapted to off-road.

Overall, XPeng is a bright startup in the large and growing electric car market. It is backed by giants such as Alibaba, Qatar Investment Fund and Xiaomi. Today, X Peng's marketing concept is driving automation and the main draw remains the symbiosis of lidar, radar and camera functioning.
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