Zeekr 001

The secret of Zeekr 001 was revealed almost 2 years ago, and since then, the first model of the new sub-brand of Geely Holding has confidently and firmly entered the hearts and minds of fans of electric cars in the premium segment.

Every year, the global automotive industry gradually shifts its focus to the production of cars equipped with a petrol engine, giving preference to environmentally friendly vehicles.

An example is the success of BYD brand, which last year surpassed Tesla in sales, and Zeekr sold more than 6 thousand premium liftbacks in less than 3 months of the past year.

A seemingly simple but sounding name can hold a lot of interesting information. The first two letters "Ze" mean "zero emission" or "zero emission", the third letter is Electric-Evolution-Era, and the ending "kr" (Greek "hidden", "secret"), krypton, a gaseous substance, invisible and intangible.

The headquarters of Geely Holding is in Hangzhou, where Zeekr models are produced. And born there "zero-first", is not that a sports liftback, not that a crossover. And 2022 was the year of birth of a new, luxurious minivan 009.

In the next "five years" Zeekr has set the task to produce a new model every year, and in 2024 they expect the appearance of an autopiloted robotaxi.
Secret characteristics
trade mark
Technical features
The Zero is based on the modular SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform, which will be used on all of the brand's models in the future. Externally, it is an imposing liftback with streamlined, eye-catching proportions and excellent performance:

- 3.005m wheelbase length.
- Wheels are 22 inches in diameter.
- Length - 4.970 metres.
- Width - 1.999 metres.
- Height - 1.560 metres.
- Aerodynamic drag coefficient - 0.23 (Cx).

The external charger and cable fit easily into a small boot located at the front of the car. The rest of the luggage can be stowed in the rear, and to increase the luggage compartment to 2144 litres simply fold down the rear seats.
The presentable interior trim looks expensive, with soft plastics and high-quality Nappa leather - thin, soft, supple and made from cattle hides - already included in the basic equipment. The front seats with massage function fully follow the contours of the body. Zeekr is equipped with a compact 8.8-inch instrument screen, a 15.4-inch TV with multimedia system, which includes all the parameters for controlling the electric car's additional functions, plus a projection display.

Panoramic roof gives a full view of the surrounding world, there are three zones of climate control, acoustics from Yamaha. There are almost no hardware keys in the interior of the electric car Zeekr, it is an inexpensive price for the comfort of control, even on the spokes of the steering wheel there are sensors. To control one of the points of "climate" between backs of front seats there is a display of doppsensor, with its help it is possible to change settings of audio system.

Air suspension Zeekr 001 is equipped with adaptive shock absorbers, ground clearance is adjustable, range - from 117 to 200 mm.
Rear and all-wheel drive: differences
The rear-wheel drive Zeekr 001 has a 272 hp electric motor, with an additional 100 kWh traction battery.
According to the passport, the range on one cycle of recharging is specified at 712 km, but in fact the mileage is a little more modest. The electric car accelerates to a hundred in 6.9 seconds.

All-wheel drive version is equipped with two motors with a total power of 544 hp, from the moment of start to 100 km/h accelerates in 3.8 sec. Battery capacity is 86 kWh, according to the passport range on a single recharge to 526 km.

The Zeekr 001 in version No. 3 combines all-wheel drive, a 100 kWh battery and a range of up to 606 kilometres on a single charge (NEDC cycle).

It is stated that Zeekr 001 can be connected to chargers with a capacity of up to 360 kWh and can be recharged in just 5 minutes to cover 120 kilometres. Simple household sockets can be used.

Often Zeekr electric car, which can already be bought at a rather nice price, is called the new competitor of electric cars from Tesla. Which is quite likely, because it is a real, designed from scratch, an example of power and style, and not a converted from the famous internal combustion engine car. As soon as the Zeekr 001 liftback hit the market, demand expectedly outstripped supply.
> 41 500 $